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Providing Quality Applied Behaviour Analysis Services to Durham Region since 1986

Lake Ridge Community Support Services (LRCSS) is committed to excellence in serving all clients/parents and caregivers.

Compliments or complaints from individuals who come into our service and/or persons acting on their behalf, where applicable are both welcome and appreciated.

Any client, family member or guardian in service wishing to voice their feedback and/or concern can do so in person, by telephone, in writing or by email. Below is the outline for the compliments and complaints process:


  1. If a client, family member or guardian would like to compliment one of the Agency’s employees, they are encouraged to tell the employee.
  2. If a client, family member or guardian would like the employee to be recognized within the Agency, they can let the employee’s Supervisor know either verbally or in writing.
  3. The compliment is forwarded to the involved staff, filed and included in their annual performance review.
  4. The Supervisor will ensure that the Executive Director is informed of compliments that are received both verbally and those received in writing.


LRCSS is committed to providing flexible services to clients, family members or guardians and respects their right to final decision-making unless superseded by court order.

It is hoped that all complaints and conflicts can be dealt with at the initial stage and that the client, family members or guardians and other service providers are satisfied with, and are a part of, the decision-making process.

  1.  Any client who has a complaint or conflict with the service they are receiving or with suggestions they have been given, are encouraged to communicate this to their Therapist. An attempt should be made to settle the matter at this level.
  2. If the matter remains in dispute, the client should then address the problem to their Therapist’s Supervisor. The Supervisor will confirm original settlement or suggest an alternative course of action.
  3. If the matter cannot be resolved by the Supervisor or the Therapist, the client should then address the problem, in writing, to the Executive Director of LRCSS. The Executive Director will confirm the original settlement or suggest an alternative course of action.
  4. If the client remains unsatisfied, the next and final step is a written Letter of Complaint addressed to the Board of Directors governing LRCSS. This letter should document all past attempts that have taken place in an attempt to solve the matter in question. The Board will review all suggestions and settlements that have been tried and will come to a final decision.

LRCSS shall comply with reporting requirements set out in the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008. Where necessary, LRCSS shall ensure that an eligible complaint is:

  1. Reported to the police (e.g., as in the case of alleged, suspected or witnessed abuse that may constitute a criminal offence, as required by Ontario Regulation 299/10 regarding quality assurance measures made under the Service and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008;

  2. Reported to the Ministry as a serious occurrence through the Ministry’s serious occurrence reporting process (based on the nature of the complaint/feedback).

In order to promote continuous quality improvement, LRCSS shall conduct a review and analysis of the compliments and complaints received to evaluate the effectiveness of its policies and procedures, on an annual basis at each AGM.

Lake Ridge Community Support Services shall share information about its compliments and complaints process, and/or about complaints/feedback, as part of the Ministry’s risk assessment process, upon request by the Ministry.

In instances of collaborative service delivery, LRCSS is willing to adopt the Central West Community Care Access Centre’s (CCAC’s) Charter, the following process will be implemented. In order to be as transparent and collaborative as possible, a Relationship Resolution Process (RRP) will be established. It is based on principles and levels of engagement and includes methods of notification that may apply in certain situations, given their complexity. The RRP is designed to promote engagement and communication with the aim of resolving problems quickly and easily. The intention of the RRP is to achieve improved quality and client care through collaborative problem solving and ongoing improvements. Also imperative to a healthy and successful relationship is sharing good news stories, and celebrating successes when appropriate.

The following principles and suggested process will guide the RRP:

  • Mutual Understanding – we will try to understand and share perspective from both sides of an issue in order to find resolution as early as possible.
  • Respect – we will respect each other throughout the RRP and work towards a common goal and mutual satisfaction in every respect.
  • Evaluate – we will evaluate the RRP and will provide honest feedback to each other.



Relationship Resolution Process Suggested Method Suggested Timeframe
We will keep each other informed in a timely manner about anything that has an impact on our relationship, the day-to-day operations of our organizations and network, and clients, family members and guardians.
Phone or email As needed
We will consult each other when appropriate and will listen to and acknowledge the issue or concern being raised, and the resolution being brought forward.
Phone, email, face-to- face As needed
We will involve other partners directly when input is required to ensure that an informed decision is made, and both parties are part of the resolution to the concern or issue regarding the relationship.
Face-to-face Within a month
We will involve and obtain input from senior leadership of both parties when resolution of an issue has not been formulated from the other principles.
Face-to-face, inviting others As soon as possible
We will escalate the matter to the highest authority on both sides when a final decision has to be made if prior resolution to the satisfaction of bother sides has not been possible.
ED to ED Immediately following the previous step if unresolved


No employee noted in the concern shall participate in the investigation, resolution and notification/confirmation.

Lake Ridge Community Support Services shall take all complaints seriously, and review and investigate all matters.  LRCSS is not, however, expected to attempt to resolve complaints that it may determine to be frivolous or harassing.

No person who submits a complaint or provides feedback shall be at risk or having his/her services and supports negatively impacted or withdrawn, as a consequence of submitting the complaint/feedback.

Concerns, investigations and resolutions will be maintained by Human Resources.

In voicing your comment or concern you agree to provide the Agency with all relevant details relating to your concern during the investigation process.